"Walk The Talk"

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Walking the Talk is an important phrase in the hospitality industry. The willingness to do what you ask of your employees goes a long way in having their buy in. They want to work with someone who is going to lead them in the trenches, and show them the way so they can do everything in their power to achieve the common goal. If you are telling them what to do without rhyme or reason, or just "because I said so" they are not going to last long in your venue. This raises high importance as the new generations come into the industry, "Because I said so", just won't do as a reason of why something needs to get done. Every question comes with a why, and this isn't just a result of trying to find an easier way about things, but more as a means to find a purpose behind what the team is coming in to accomplish day in and day out.

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